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"Dr. David Zakarias and his clinic staff were the first in Hungary to be trained to use the SAFE System. Because of their dedication, expertise and excellent clinical results using the SAFE System, we are now collaborating with them to advance the FUE specialty.  Hair Hungary and Pure Hair are our Innovation Partners in the European Union."

Dr. James Harris (HSC Colorado, USA)

Levente Szuper: "I can be a teenager again!"
2015. February 06.

Levente Szuper: "I can be a teenager again!"

Hungary’s most successful hockey player started his carreer at the age of 5. His outstanding performace made him well-known in Europe as well as the USA. When he was diagnosed with androgenic hair loss, he chose HairHungary to find a permanent solution to his problem.

Balding at an early age was a nightmare!
2012. August 22.

Balding at an early age was a nightmare!

Balding at an early age can be a very serious burden. One of our patients was suffering from that. For the time being, we cannot stop our genes, so the only solution to hereditary baldness is hair transplantation. One year after the operation, Péter can hardly recall his feelings.

Why HairHungary?

A few facts to convince you:

  • State-of-the-art hair-by-hair transplant procedure (Safe System FUE)
  • Exuberant hair at an affordable price and life-long guarantee for transplanted hairs
  • Painless porocedure: 3-step anaesthesia at HairHungary
  • Daily contact with patients, enabling them to ask questions on implanted hair even after the procedure
  • Safe System - FUE is currently the most effective hair transplant techniquea ensuring a perfect outcome
  • Your own hair will be transplanted hair by hair, free of pain, and without any trace
  • Success guaranteed by state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff
  • Needle-stick-free anaesthesia, keeping the risk of hair transplantation at a minimum
  • Professional contact and sister clinics in he USA, Germany and Slovakia
  • Consultations in Budapest (HU), Szeged (HU), Bratislava (SK), Leva (SK)
  • Precision improved to artistic perfection
  • Payment in interest free instalments maximum 6 month term health-care credit

Frequently asked questions

How can I decide whether the hairloss I am experiencing is a natural process, or thining has already started?

Natural hair loss amounts to 30 to 150 hairs a day, depending on the metabolism and tissue structure of the body. When looking into a mirror, you can decide whether your hair line has changed. Thinning usually starts at the forehead and on the two sides of the head. Thinning also depends on the colour of the hair: while a loss of 100 to 120 hairs may be considered as normal in those with lighter hair, the same rate might indicate a thinning process in dark-haired individuals, whose average rate is as low as 60-70 hairs a day. Hair loss has its general characteristics described by Norwood’s scale in men and Ludwig’s scale in women.

Should I expect to grow bald if there are bald persons in the family?

Although most cases of baldness are due to hereditary factors, you will not necessarily grow bald. It is true, however, that you are more likely to turn bald if there are family members who suffer from thinning hair.

The chromosomes playing the most important role in this process are the X chromosome, i.e. the one inherited from the mother, and some other so called bodily chromosomes, but genes inherited from the father also contribute.

How effective are products preventing hair loss?

There are two categories of products preventing hair loss: oral ones and local ones. The pills, mistakenly thought to contain hormones, act by inhibiting the negative effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the androgenic hormone responsible for balding. These, however, cannot guarantee a permanent solution, as several factors contribute to balding, the hormonal factor being only one of them. They can delay the progress but are not able to put an end to it.

Locally used products delay the process by a mechanism that has not been fully cleared yet. These preparations mostly contain the alcoholic solution of minoxidil, earlier used as an antihypertensive agent. More recent products also contain other ingredients, which improve the absorption and penetration of minoxidil into the skin, increasing its effect. It should be borne in mind, however, that such preparations need several – usually three – months to exert their effects and show visible results. In addition, you need to apply them continuously – otherwise thinning will go on. Therefore, hair transplantation is considered to be the only lasting and permanent solution.

Why should I choose SafeSystem-FUE – how is it better than conventional techniques?

Safe System Follicular Unit Extraction Enhanced (FUE2) is not a conventional procedure. SafeSystem is a technique that does not involve cutting or stitching and there are no scars left. SafeSystem is more like skin tattooing than conventional surgery, and as such provides a permanent and aesthetic solution. The SafeSystem-FUE technique does not involve surgical risk and the potential complications are so mild that in many countries it is classified as a dermatological rather than surgical intervention.